• Streamlined design for accessibility, portability, and ease of use


  • Rigid frame to support wide range of patient weights


  • Ratchet straps for quick and easy attachment and adjustment


  • Easy-to-clean non-slip fabric to maximize comfort


  • Intuitive user interface to interact

       with control system



Re-envision patient transfer

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How it works


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Due to their busy schedules, nurses frequently prefer to manually transfer patients rather than using current transfer technology that is inconvenient, bulky, and not easily accessible, putting them at significant risk for back injury.

Healthcare workers suffer one of the highest rates of occupational musculoskeletal injury.

Hospitals lose $1.5 billion in  compensation, lawsuits, and medical bills due to neck, back, and shoulder injuries alone.

Hospitals need a practical way to reduce the load carried by healthcare workers during bed-to-chair patient transfer that is also convenient and time efficient in order to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal back injury, thus limiting litigation costs and worker's compensation for on-the-job injuries.

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Next Steps

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LLC formation

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Meet the Team

Rowan Cade

Team Leader


Tom Bernstein


Brooke Mahoski


Emily McNally


Kevin Moon


Zhou Li


Jasmine Cho


Lexie Scholtz



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